By: Tilian Pearson

>Focus all you jealous lovers lets get together now

We’ll form reasons to be good now keep your chin up

I’ll keep it simple so you know just where I’m coming from

I want to taste your magical your chemicals

>The memory is fading

Avoided settling

Conscious is overrated

I kill for clarity

I want to feel it sinking until it’s magical

Feel like my brain is shaking

I need your chemicals [x4]

>Focus losers lets hold hands and pretend we’re floating now

We found reasons not to forgive ourselves tonight

Can’t fight the feeling let it flow

while pieces of your soul dissolve into these magical these chemicals

>Focus all you fading colors please come together now

Make sense in my head keep me breathing steady, softly

I’ve got a reason not to show what’s buried in my soul

I want to taste your magical your chemicals